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Scritti I - ed. Hugh Honour and Paolo Mariuz. The volume is a point of reference for Canova's great epistolary collection. The texts, which are mainly autobiographical, allow us to retrace some fundamental steps in the artistic and private life of the sculptor.

Rome, Salerno, 2007 pp. XLVIII, 554, 40 tav. ISBN 9788884025906
€ 76,00

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Scritti II - ed. Paolo Mariuz. It is the most extensive and detailed report discovered until now about activities and working styles of the great artist. It allows the reader to enter into the creative laboratory from a privileged view together with Antonio D'Este, the studio director, who records on a daily basis not only the fees forhelpers and contributors but also everyday expenses.

Bassano del Grappa, Comitato per l’Edizione Nazionale, 2014 pp. LVI, 636, 48 tav. ISBN 9788894054507 euro 90,00 Rome, Salerno, 2007 pp. XLVIII, 554, 40 tav. ISBN 9788884025906
€ 90,00

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Epistolario (1816-1817) - ed. Hugh Honour and Paolo Mariuz. In this volume, divided into two parts, are published Canova's letters from 1816 to 1817. The letters, in addition to giving informations about Canova's creative activity and private life, offer an extraordinary insight into the political, artistic and literary European situation of that time.

Tomo I: Rome, Salerno, 2002 pp. LIV, 593 ISBN 8884023769
€ 60,00

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Epistolario (1816-1817)

Tomo II: Rome, Salerno, 2003 pp. XIX, 704, 24 tav. ISBN 8884024161
€ 66,00

Epistolario 1814

Epistolario (1814) - ed. Carlo Sisi e Silvio Balloni. This collection unravels along a crucial year for the fate of Europe, the fall of Napoleon, which marks also Canova's creative and professional path.

Bassano del Grappa, Comitato per l’Edizione Nazionale, 2017 pp. XLII, 521, 12 carte di tav. ISBN 9788894054521
€ 60,00

Copertina Cicognara 001

Leopoldo Cicognara

Antonio Canova's biography - ed. Stefano Grandesso.

2017, pp.217  ISBN 9788894054514
€ 16,00